Why Choose Us

Specialists in all areas

We boast clearly defined and measurable SLAs along with a nationwide network of experts.

Underpinned by a bespoke IT system and experienced staff, to work with Costs Room is to work with some of the best doctors, specialists and staff in the business.

Whilst we’re proud to use many of the same experts today that we started working with, we’ve also grown our panel substantially. We boast a truly nationwide network of fully accredited GPs and specialists with whom we enjoy a close working relationship.

From dealing with the initial instruction, through to booking appointments and sourcing accurate reports, our employees are intimately involved in every step of the process. Therefore we regularly invest in them. Costs Room employees receive regular training, industry insights and use a bespoke case management system that receives regular upgrades.

As you would expect, Costs Room is a fully ICO registered company meaning we have rigorous procedures in place to ensure clients’ personal data is kept totally secure and only for as long as it’s needed. You can have total confidence leaving your client’s data, in our hands.

To work with Costs Room is to work with a nationwide panel of fully accredited experts, whilst benefiting from the knowledge of some of the most experienced and highly trained staff in the industry.


To discuss in more detail how Costs Room can provide fast, reliable medical reports for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0845 519 3561