Treatment, Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Services

You are in safe hands

We provide full treatment and rehabilitation as well as diagnostic services.

Costs Room draws upon our medico-legal experience and applies it in the rehabilitation arena. Following an accident we’re committed to helping our clients regain their health and way of life as soon as possible.

When a medical report recommends physiotherapy – or any other form of rehabilitation – we can utilise our network of fully-accredited experts to quickly coordinate a client’s rehabilitation.

It is imperative the process of rehabilitating the client and restoring their health begins as quickly as possible. Therefore, upon receiving instructions, the client will be called to arrange an initial assessment at a convenient time, at one of our clinics across England and Wales.

It’s at this assessment our experts will assess each client, before formulating a personalised rehabilitation plan to work through.

As every accident, injury and set of circumstances is unique, there’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ case. As such, we provide a flexible patient-orientated service that allows the rehabilitation to go in the direction the client needs it to.

We do however have two principles that will never change:

Our commitment to nationwide coverage: We have clinics providing a fully-nationwide rehabilitation service. This means our clients can be seen quickly and don’t have to shoulder the burden of unnecessary travel at what’s already a challenging time.

Our commitment to providing the best possible clinicians: As it’s our clinicians who’ll be responsible for restoring the client’s health, we are discerning about who we work with. Only once we are sure they are fully accredited and registered with their relevant professional body, undertake CPD and have a proven track record will we add them to our panel.

Following the examination the Medical Practitioner may require additional information or recommend further diagnostics for the client. These could cover a wide variety of requirements such as:


MRI scans

CT scans

Blood tests


Diagnostic Imaging



Our Commitment To Quality Service:

At Costs Room we pride ourselves on providing a quality service that can be trusted. In an often uncertain field, we aim to provide clarity and certainty. We have a decade of experience, a bespoke case management system and all the necessary accreditations you would expect – such as being ICO registered.

This means you can be completely secure leaving your client’s rehabilitation in our hands.


If you have any more questions regarding any of our services, please don’t hesitate to call one of our dedicated advisors on 0845 519 3561