Legal Costs Services - What We Do

Quality guaranteed

Our team of Legal Costs Experts focus on high quality drafting and robust negotiation to maximise results for our clients.

We offer a full range of legal cost services and we are able to accept single or large volume instructions.

As a company we are focused on what is important to you, so if we make a promise we keep it. We take great pride in delivering high standards of service and we hope that shows at every contact in our business.

We provide the following services to Solicitors, Insurance Companies, Businesses and Individuals throughout England and Wales:

Preparation of bills of costs

Costs negotiation

Estimates of costs for allocation/pre-trial checklists

In-house training and seminars

Negotiation of MOJ/Fixed costs and disbursements

Advocacy / representation at application / detailed assessment hearings

Preparation of points of replies & disputes

Preparation of part 8 proceedings

Preparation of statement of costs for applications, directions, disposal & final hearings

Preparation/negotiation of cost budgets

Risk assessment and funding advice

Solicitor client assessments

Costs Recovery Process

Litigated instructions

Day 1 - Let's begin

Formal bill of costs is served upon the paying party

No later than day 21

Points of disputes are served within 21 days of service of the N252

No later than day 35

Points of replies are served within 14 days of receipt

No later than day 42

Request for provisional/detailed assessment is submitted to the Court

Non litigated instructions

Upon receipt of the sealed part 8 costs order we immediately commence detailed assessment proceedings and the case will follow the litigated instructions costs recovery process above.


If you have any more questions regarding any of our services, please don’t hesitate to call one of our dedicated advisors on 0845 519 3561