Free Costs Disbursement Funding

Disbursements funding at no cost

Costs Room are pleased to offer free cost disbursements funding at no cost (no administration fees or interest charged) for the life of the detailed assessment process.

This offer is available to all clients who instruct us in relation to recovery of their costs from the paying party. It is available to all existing and new clients in all areas of civil litigation from MOJ/Fixed Costs Disputes up to group action litigation.

Costs Room guarantee to fund all associated costs disbursements on every instruction received, what’s included:

Part 8 costs only proceedings court fee

Provisional/detailed assessment court fee applicable to the value of the all of costs

All application court fees required during the costs process

Default costs certificate court fee

Telephone conference call charges for mediation and court hearings

Room hire for costs mediation

Any appeal court fees

Transcript fees

We will also fund all charges incurred by our in-house Advocates and Costs Counsel for representing your interests at any costs hearing from the County Court up to the Court of Appeal.

Further Information

Upon informal/formal service of the bill of costs, our costs team will make regular contact with the paying party to encourage offers. At every stage, we invite the paying party to volunteer an interim payment on account of costs. If the paying party is unable to confirm the exact amount, method and date of interim payment to be made then we will make a prompt application to the Court to obtain the appropriate order with additional cost sanctions.
We provide detailed advice on all offers received and will seek your instructions before rejecting and advancing offers on your behalf. We will provide you with a complete breakdown of profit costs, VAT, disbursements and our charges so you know exactly how the offer is formulated. We provide a points of dispute offer calculator, points of replies offer calculator and in addition our valuation of the bill of costs so you can clearly assess the Defendant's offer on the table.
We are completely flexible with our charging structure and will happily discuss our fees at the outset of our business relationship. Payment of all work undertaken is deferred until conclusion and payment of your costs. On the majority of instructions we are able to offer on a no win no fee basis. Contact us today to discuss your costs solutions.
We operate a free daily nationwide courier which is available to all our of clients. Our courier will collect and return your file of papers safely.

If you have any more questions regarding any of our services, please don’t hesitate to call one of our dedicated advisors on 0845 519 3561