Our Services

The right approach

We provide nationwide medico legal reports and rehabilitation services to Claimant Solicitors.

In every single case, quality of service is vitally important. At Costs Room Medico-Legal, we pride ourselves on maintaining clearly defined SLAs that rival any of our competitors. We clearly define what you can expect when instructing us and how we’ll deliver it: In 90% of cases we offer an appointment within 48 hours of instruction. Following the appointment we then aim to deliver a report within five working days. We ensure clients are examined as locally as possible and will arrange home visits when necessary.

We are able to provide this level of service thanks to three factors:

Costs Room - Doctors Panel

We have a nationwide panel of fully accredited experts that includes both GPs and the full range of specialists. We’ve worked with the majority of our experts for many years and enjoy outstanding relationships with them. As such we acquire quick, reliable medical reports.

Our IT Infrastructure

Our custom-built case management system allows us to view and manage each case in real-time. Furthermore, it’s linked with several of our clinicians’ diaries; meaning we have direct, live access to a wealth of clinic times.

Our Team

Cases are handled with accuracy by some of the most experienced staff in the industry. They ensure cases progress quickly, whilst our team benefits from a strong rapport with both doctors and solicitors.

If you have any more questions regarding any of our services, please don’t hesitate to call one of our dedicated advisors on 0845 519 3561